How to break header link in the Word

When working with Microsoft word, you may encounter problems with the Header and Footer feature. By default, when you insert a Header within a word document, it will be applied to all the pages within that document. Sometimes you may need to break these header links. In Microsoft word, you can apply your headers differently on each page by adding section breaks within the document. The section breaks will enable you to break the header links.

Below, we give you the steps you can take when breaking header links within your word document. Let’s get started.

Header Links

The Link to Previous option in a word is always a default setting that links all the headers in different sections of a Word document when you apply a section break. You can easily break this link using different methods in a word document.

Method 1: How to add a new header and break a link to other sections

1. First, click the page at the beginning of a section in your word document.

2. Next, go to the main menu ribbon and click on the Layout tab.

3. Under the Page Setup section, click on the Breaks option drop-down menu.


4. On the drop-down list, choose the option Next Page under Section Breaks.

5. Double click the header on the first page of your new section.

6. Next, click on the Link to Previous option to turn it off. The option will unlink the header from the previous section or page.

7. Then go to the start of the next section and repeat all the above steps. Do this for all sections or pages within your word document.

8. Double click on the header on each page and add content.

9. Select the option Close Header and Footer to exit.

Method 2: how to break header link using different word features

Using the Odd and Even option

1. Double click anywhere on the Header region of your word document to activate it.

2. On the main menu, you will see a Design tab that deals with different options and controls of the Header & Footer regions.

3. Under the Design tab, select the Different Odd & Even Pages option.

4. Afterward, anything you have in the Header region for even-numbered pages will be deleted. In case you are working with odd-numbered pages or sections, the same will be done. Here, you can type in what you want and align it.

Using the Different First Page option

You can have a different header on the first page of your Word document that does not show on the rest of your document.

1. Double click on the header area of your document to activate the region.

2. On the main menu ribbon, you will see a Design tab. Here, select the Different First Page to check the box option under the Options section.

3. When you do this, any text in the header section of the first page will be deleted automatically, and the name changed to First Page Header.

4. Fill in the space with your text. The text will not impact the header on any subsequent pages.

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