How to use lines in PowerPoint

When using Microsoft PowerPoint, you draw lines in the same way that you draw shapes. When drawing lines in PowerPoint is a very practical process using shapes. You can use arrows to show or highlight graphics or use them as part of a diagram. When you select the Insert ribbon, you can view shapes, and under this, you will view any line options that you can use. We know how important learning to use lines effectively in PowerPoint is for you, and that is why we are here to help you understand the concept better. In PowerPoint, there are different line tools. You can draw a straight line, use a free tool to draw a curved line, or other lines that have arrows on either or both of their sides. You can draw straight, curved, or even join two lines using these tools. We will help you with the steps you can use to help you work with lines in your presentation.

How to draw a straight line in PowerPoint

You can draw a straight line in PowerPoint using the following steps:

1. Select the Insert tab.

2. Click on the Shapes group.

3. Click on the Line button.

4. Place the cursor where you would like the line to start.

5. Click and then drag the cursor to where you would like it to end.

6. Release the mouse when you arrive where you want it to end.

After you are drawn the straight line, the Drawing Tools tab is shown. You can use the controls in the Shape Styles group to modify the outline, effects, and fill applied to the line.

How to join two lines in PowerPoint

You can join two lines in PowerPoint by using the following steps:

1. Select the first line.

2. Press Ctrl + G.

3. Select the second line.

4. Press Ctrl to enter the grab mode.

5. Press +J, and it will make a joint between the two points, that is,  the Joiner.

6. You will see the two lines with an arrow pointing at them.

7. Drag the arrow up, so it’s over both curves, then release pressure.

8. It will cause them to be joined together as one.

Using lines in PowerPoint is important as it helps change how your text appears on the slide. It helps with the organization of your text in the individual slides making it very important to have a great understanding of how to work with the lines in PowerPoint presentations. We hope that the information we provided above about joining two lines and drawing straight lines. Now having a better understanding of how lines work and their importance, we hope that you can use lines appropriately as you make your PowerPoint presentation so that it is more presentable to your audience as you present it. Now go ahead and make that PowerPoint presentation and use lines confidently.

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