How to create a slide template

Creating a slide template it’s the same as coming up with your complete template. At this point, we are just editing the slides. We change the layout, change font type & sizes, and add background and images. If you have a logo, we will insert it. Today I will show you how to do all this in a second. It is not that hard

How to create a slide template?

1. Go to Google slide on your browser.

You can use Google Drive Click new and select Google slide. Remember to choose a blank presentation.

2. Name your representation, as usual.

Go to the top of the slide and rename it.

3. Go to the toolbar, select view, and then select the toolbar.

4. The first slide is the master slide. The master slide can be edited, affecting all other slides. But select the slide we want to make the template. Let us see how to change the text size and type to make it easy. Add images and change the background.

5. Select the text on the slide we are editing; go to the toolbar. Select font type and change it to what you like.

To change the size and color.

1. Go to the “toolbar” and select the color and size icons shown in the screenshot.

These will enable you to change the size and color of the text.

Adding images and changing our backgrounds.

2. Go to the “toolbar” and select the image icon to add the images.

You can select where you want to get the images: from the computer, Google photos, a camera, or a URL.

3. Adding the background images or changing the color of the background. Go to the toolbar, select the background, and then if it’s a picture, select images and if it’s color, go for it.

Select done when you have
done. For the logo, you can do the same thing as images. Logos can be png and or jpg. Png, they don’t have the background. Jpeg they have a background, so you will have to crop the image.

4. That’s easy for now; let’s change the layout; the layout enables you to add pictures, text, and maybe Logos. Select change layout and select the one you want. Cancel the theme builder and right-click on the slide.

5. Maybe you need to add shapes to your slide. Here is how we do it.

Go to the “toolbar” and select the shapes icon in the toolbar. A menu will pop up, and select the right shape you are after.

You need to play more around the insert button for a perfect slide. Here you will see a lot of cool stuff that you can insert into your slide.

6. Go to the toolbar, and select insert. You will see all kinds of options that will make your work easier see the screenshot below.

That is all about making a slide template; hopefully, the tutorial was helpful.

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