How to add background color in Word

There are many ways of dressing up your Word document. One of these numerous ways is adding an attractive background color. A document with an appealing background element is more eye-catching than the one that does not have any background image. However, the newly Word user may find it difficult to add these colors. Therefore, in this article, we shall discuss some of the ways that can be used to add a background color.

Using the Page Color Tool

Microsoft Word is a vital tool that is used in adding background Colors. This tool is referred to as the Page Color.

Here are the steps to use this tool;

1. To get started, you need to open the Word document you wish to add the background color.

2. Secondly, depending on the version of your Microsoft Word, click either the Design tab or the Page Layout tab. If you are using the latest version of Word, click the Design tab and then locate the “Page Color” drop-down menu, which is located under the ‘Page Background” section. Alternatively, if you’re using the older version of Excel, click the “Page layout” button and then click the page color drop-down menu.

3. On the drop-down menu, there are numerous themes and standard colors. Select the color that fits your document best.


4. If you want to mix more than two colors, click the More Colors button. On clicking, a Color dialogue box pops up. Using your cursor, select the color scales that fit your document. Finalize by clicking the “Ok” button.

5. Similarly, you can use the Fill Effects Tool to add more than one color and customize the background color.

  • On the page color drop-down menu, click on the Fill effects button located at the bottom.
  • A Color dialogue box opens. Use the top bars to alter the background color.
  • Lastly, hit the “Ok” button.

Using the Shapes Tool to add background-color

Other than adding shapes to your document, the Shapes Tool can as well be used to add background color to your document. However, when this method is used, several workarounds are involved.


1. Open a new or an existing document

2. On the ribbon, click the “Insert” button.

3. Within the Insert tab, locate the “Illustrations” section and click the ‘Shapes” drop-down menu.

4. Since you want to use the shape as your background, select the Rectangular shape. Using the cursor, draw the shape into your document.

5. At this point, you have a rectangular shape on your document that has a default color. Go ahead and change the background color.

6. To change the background color, simply click anywhere inside the shape. A drawing tool is launched on the ribbon. Click the “Format” tab. Locate the shape styles section and select the background that fits your document best.

7. Finally, you can use the “Add Text Box” button to add text above the background shape.

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