How to add a vertical line in Word

Lines are essential to design elements in a Word document. There are two types of lines that can be used in a word document. That is, the vertical and the horizontal lines. In this article, we shall discuss how to add a vertical line to your document. Various ways and workarounds are used to create a vertical line. Let us discuss some of the common ways that are used.

Adding a vertical line using the Shape tool

Microsoft word has a shape tool feature that is used to insert and draw various shapes. This tool can also be used to draw a vertical line into your document. Here are the steps to so;

1. Once you’ve opened the document you’re working on, click the ‘Insert’ button.

2. Then, locate and click the ‘shapes‘ drop-down menu.

3. Select the line tool by clicking on it.

4. On your document, place the cursor where you want the line to begin, and then drag downwards. As you drag downwards, a vertical line is drawn. Also, you can hold the shift button while dragging to ensure the line is vertical.

5. You can use the formatting tool to format the line.

Using paragraph border

The border tool can be used to construct a vertical line in your word document. Here are the steps to do so;

1. On the document you’re working on, highlight that paragraph you want to add the vertical line.

2. Click the “Home tab.” Within the paragraph section, click the ‘Border’ drop-down menu.

3. From the drop-down menu, there are various options where you can place your vertical. Therefore, choose either the left or the right border as they insert a plain vertical line.

Using Bar Tab

Another way of adding a vertical line into your word document is by using the Bar Tab tools. Below are the workarounds involved.

1. To get started, enable the Word Ruler.

  • On the ribbon, click the View tab.
  • Then, locate the show/hide section.
  • In this section, check the checkbox next to Ruler.

2. On the Home tab, locate the paragraph section and then click the dialogue box launcher.

3. On clicking, a paragraph dialogue box is open. Locate and click the “Tabs” button.

4. A tab dialogue box opens. On the “Tab stop position,” enter the measurements.

5. Then, select the alignment of your choice from the ‘Alignment field.’ In our case, we will select the “Bar” option.

6. From the leader section, select one if you want. Alternatively, you can select the “none” option.

7. Click the “Set” button to save changes.

Using keyboard shortcuts to draw the vertical line

You can also use keyboard combinations to draw a vertical line on your document. However, this method involves many workarounds. Also, the line will not be continuous.


1. On your word document, place the cursor where the line begins.

2. Then hit the shift key + VERTICAL key (|).

3. Press the enter button to go to the next line, and then repeat step 2.

However, when using this method, the line is not continuous, and thus the method is best for drawing a vertical line.

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