How to add Endnote to Word 365

An endnote is a standard tool used to insert citations in a document. This add-on tool formats citations and other related bibliographies into selected formats. It simplifies the task of manually creating citations. It also stores citations and manages these details. In this article, we shall discuss some of the workarounds involved when working with Endnote in Word 365.

Installing EndNote to Word 365

Here are the steps to follow when installing EndNote to your word 365.

1. Visit the official page of EndNote, and purchase the latest version of Endnote. Visit

Choose the plan that fits you best. EndNote also allows its users to use the feature for free. That is, You are given a 30 free days trial. From there, you will have to pay to enjoy the feature.

2. On the Get started section, click either the Buy EndNote button or the Request trial button.

3. Enter your details to create an account with the Endnote.

4. Save the Endnote program folder on your device. For example, let’s save the EndNote folder in the program folder. That is, c:\Program files((x86)\EndNote

5. Open your Word application, which will hold the feature. From the toolbar, locate the File button.

6. Click on the Options button at the far bottom side of the screen.

7. From the Word options dialogue box, choose the Add-ins button to open the add-ins pane.

8. Choose the COM add-ins option from the Manage drop-down menu. Then, click the Go button.

9. From the dialogue box, toggle on the EndNote checkbox. If you can’t see it there, click the Add button on the rightmost side of the dialogue box. Locate the folder that contains your EndNote.

Note: If you added the EndNote manually, remember to toggle on the checkbox next to it.

Creating Endnote Library

1. Open the EndNote Program

2. From the top menu bar, click File > New

3. Navigate to the location where you will save your library. For example, create a folder on the local C drive in a location unaffected by synchronizing. This is where to save your Endnote library. Example: C:\Users\(your username)\EndNoteLibraries
4. Give your library a name, and then Save.

5. You are now ready to start adding references

How to use EndNote

Once you’ve installed the EndNote add-ins feature, here is how to use the feature:

1. On your word document, click where you want to add the citation.

2. Then, from your toolbar menu, click on the Reference tab. Then, select the Insert EndNote button.

Enter what you want to appear in the EndNote, and click the Enter button.

Backing up EndNote library

Steps to follow:

1. To get started, open EndNote Library.

2.  Then, locate the File Menu button, and navigate to the Compressed library.

3.  Add the attachments, and then click Next.

4. Name your backup folder and save it to where you store your backups.

5. Continue working with your older library.

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