How to make a kite diagram in Google Sheets

A kite Diagram is not a daily chart used in google sheets. A diagram is a form of a graph showing the distribution of sampled events and the constant sampling rate. The kite diagram is used for statistics mostly by geographers, geologists, and much other personnel. Kite Diagram enables researchers to analyze data fast and easily. Moreover, the color difference enables scientists to spot values fast at the same time curves. You don’t have to hide the curves and change the color. Hiding the lines will be hiding the curves, and it won’t be easy to read.

To develop a kite diagram, we need two types of data. The sampling rate wich also the sampling point. For example, counting the number of objects(animals, vegetation, rocks, people) covered in 6 meters. The other data set is the magnitude of the objects. Follow the steps below to develop a kite diagram in google sheets.

Note: Y-axis is the magnitude of the objects or events. The X-axis is the sampling rate. Those values do not change.

1. Open your google sheet on your PC or phone.

2. Open your work and select the values you want to appear on our graph. IN the x-axis, variables should not change, but y-axis values change. (x-axis sampling rate, y-axis magnitude)

Select the y- axis values.

3. Go to insert in the Google sheet toolbar. In the prompt menu, select charts


4. A graph will be generated.

You can edit the graph via Chart Editor Menu by changing colors, font size, font type, color, e.t.c.

5. Go to cart type and click the area in the prompt menu, and the graph will change.







The graph will change, as shown in the screenshot.

6. We go to the customization and change colors in the graph to come up with kite diagrams. Google sheets have limited resources to generate a kite diagram. So we will have to edit the color of the curves.

It’s easy to edit the colors. You can customize the color of the lines or the below area. Remember the first line, for example, the at 50 on y-axis. The area below it covers the whole graph. Changing its color will also affect the area of other lines. Change the opacity of the lines below to 10% or 0 t match the background color. Some use white lines and background colors to hide the lines completely.

Excel has extensive features and functions to create amazing kite diagrams. Compared to Google Sheets, it has limited resources. In Excel, you can generate a kite diagram easily. You can generate the kite diagram and transfer it for customization. KIte diagram is not a chart in the Google Sheet.

I hope the tutorial was useful. If you have other ways like function, features, and procedures to generate the Diagram, let us know in the comment.

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