How to make a virtual museum on Google Slides

A virtual museum is a digital tool used to show a museum in the virtual world. It allows the user to move around from one building to another, but virtually. It is a good way of making the Google Slide fun and engaging. Let us discuss ways of making a virtual museum in Google Slides.

Using a virtual museum Template

Follow these steps while using this method to make a virtual museum in Google Slides.

1. Getting the Virtual museum template ready.

  • Download the template or open it in Google slides.
  • If the template prompts you to download, download and save it on your device.
  • Then, open your Google Drive, click the New button followed by the file upload button

  • Locate the downloaded template and upload it on your Drive from your device.

Note: For example purposes, we will use the virtual museum template from this site

2. Open the template in Google Slides.

  • After uploading the template in Google Drive, locate it and Right-click on it.

  • Next, select the open with button, and select the Google Slides option.
  • Alternatively, open the document and then locate the Open with the drop-down button at the top of the screen.
  • Click on it and choose the Google Slides option.

3. Rename the Google slide template.

  • On the opened document, click on the template’s name.
  • Edit it, and add the name of your virtual museum presentation.

4. Edit the template and add your details.

5. Finally, you can print or download the document.

  • To download, click the file tab, locate the download button, and select the type of document format you need.
  • To print, click the file tab and locate the print button.

Using Bitmoji Extension to create a virtual museum

Follow these steps while using this method:

1. Install Bitmoji extension.

  • Visit the web store site, and download and install the Bitmoji extension. That is, go to

  • Log in to your Bitmoji account.

Log- into your Google Slides.

  • Open a browser of your choice. In Google, search for Google Account.
  • From your Google Account, locate the Google Slides App from the Google Apps, and click on it.

  • On the Google Slides screen, locate the Blank document (with the rainbow plus sign).

  • Click on it to open an empty Google Slides Document.

3. Rename the Google slide document.

  • On the opened document, Click on the untitled presentation.
  • Edit it, and add the name of your virtual museum presentation.

4. Choose the layout of the document.

  • Go to the Slide tab.
  • Click on the layout, and then select the blank option.

5. Choosing museum icons from Bitmoji.

  • Re-open the Bitmoji extension.
  • Locate the museum’s icons.

  • You can drag and drop it in your Google Slide document or download it.
  • Open the Google Slides and insert the downloaded image if you use the download tool.

6. Formatting the selected icon.

  • On your Google Slides, position and resize the Bitmoji icon.
  • Next, you can add the museum narrative information.

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