How to copy a notebook in OneNote

One option to export your OneNote notebooks to another account is to provide someone access through OneDrive to the notebook. You must copy the notebook into a different Microsoft account before being claimed. In doing so, a fresh copy of the shared laptop, apart from the first one. You can copy your notebooks to another project in teamwork or make copies of them. Remember that to do this, you either need to be a project or site administrator or have the can add/edit notebooks access. The original project or a different project can both use copies of notebooks. Any remarks made in the notebook will not be transferred when copies are made. We will provide you with the steps you can use to copy a notebook in OneNote.

You can copy a notebook in OneNote by using the following steps:

1. Open the Notebook you want to copy.

2. In the File menu, select Export.

3. Click Notebook to export the current state.

4. To choose a format, select the OneNote package (*.onepkg).

5. To start making copies, click Export.

6. Open File Explorer and select the location where the copy of the Notebook should be stored (Ex. This PC, Documents folder or OneDrive, Documents folder). You must keep this Notebook in OneDrive if you wish to share it or access it from anywhere. So, select OneDrive and then Documents.

7. Give the notebook a new name that must differ from the one you gave when you first created it, then click Save in the Documents folder.

8. Find the Notebook with the new name by opening File Explorer once more.

9. Click it twice to unload it.

10. The copied Notebook will be created with a new name when you click Create.

You will see that notebook when you return to your OneDrive files and can edit it online or sync it with your device. Things to keep in mind about this duplicated OneNote Notebook. The notebook copy is unaffected if you delete it from the original account. The new copy is unchanged if you update the old laptop. Due to the ownership of the duplicated notebook you are transferring to the account, editing is typical for this notebook. Remember that the best way to learn how to use OneNote is to put it into more practice. All the best as you navigate OneNote!

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