How to make an academic poster in Google Slides

An academic poster is a type of poster that contains academic details. There is software that is specially used in creating a poster. However, Google Slides have proved to be a powerful tool for creating posters. Therefore, one can comfortably create an academic poster using this tool.

Making an academic poster in Google Slides from scratch

Sometimes it’s hard to find a template that fits your specifications. Therefore, you are forced to create an academic poster from scratch. You need to follow these steps to create an academic poster:

1. Log- into your Google Slides.

  • Open a browser of your choice. In Google, search for Google Account.
  • From your Google Account, locate the Google Slides App from the Google Apps, and click on it.

  • On the Google Slides screen, locate the Blank document (with the rainbow plus sign).

  • Click on it to open an empty Google Slides Document.

2. Rename the Google slide document.

  • On the opened document, Click on the untitled presentation.
  • Edit it, and add the name of your poster presentation.

3. Change the page setup.

  • Click the file tab, and then click on the page setup button.

  • A dialogue box will open. Click on the drop-down button and select custom.
  • Next, change the width (on the left box) and the height (on the right box).
  • Then from the drop-down menu, select Inches.
  • Finally, click on the Apply button.

4. Add a background color or image.

  • On the toolbar, click on the Background.
  • While adding an image as the Background, locate the image on your device and use it as the Background.
  • Similarly, you can use color as the Background.

5. Adding text to the poster

  • Click on the Insert tab, and then click the text box option.
  • Position and resize the text box.
  • Add the poster details on the poster.

6. Customizing the poster.

  • Use the Toolbar features to change the font, font size color, and the poster’s theme.
  • Use the Insert tab to add features to your poster.

7. Print the poster.

  • Tap the “file tab” and then locate the print option.

Using a ready-made template to make an academic poster

Follow these steps while using this method:

1. Open your browser, and then search for an academic poster on Google Slides. Download and save it on your device.

2. Upload the template on your Drive.

  • Click on the new, and then file upload.
  • Locate the template from your device and upload it to your device.

3. Open the template in Google Slides.

  • Locate it and Right-click on it.

  • Next, select the open with button, and select the Google Slides option.
  • Alternatively, open the document and then locate the Open with the drop-down button at the top of the screen.

4. Edit the template and add your details.

  • Click on the Insert tab and click the text box option to add text.
  • To add an “image,” tap on the “Insert tab” and click the image option.

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