How to remove last modified in OneNote

Several different instructional activities use the usage of OneNote. One of these is using the online program OneNote from Microsoft to record as you write and draw on blank or already created content. We firmly advise taking the date and time out of your recordings before you start. To enhance reusability and lifespan, we usually suggest removing any contextual information such as weather, current affairs, sports team success, etc. For example, before making the movies available to your students, you do not want to date them. The time and date information can then be altered or deleted. We advise eliminating this information if you intend to reuse this content annually. We will provide simple steps to remove the last modification in OneNote.

You can remove the last modified date in OneNote by using the following steps:

1. Open the OneNote application on your desktop.

2. Double-click the date/time from the OneNote pages to edit or remove them.

Be aware that OneNote is an excellent software for taking notes. Over many PCs, it supports shared notebooks. OneNote, by default, highlights any new information when accessed on a separate machine and tags updates with the author’s initials. You will not tag the notes, but you can prevent that by turning them off. The date and time you created the OneNote are on the right side of the page header. That date and time will be the last modified date and will be removed. As you have noted above, the steps are short, quick, and easy to follow. All you need to do is practice more to do them without struggling much. Remember to notify your colleagues when you modify the dates.

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